Because no one said you had to be a one trick pony! After all this is an adventure right? 

Not only a teacher but a lover of words! This is a lifestyle blog after all, so anythings goes, or at least to an extent.

If you have read any of my blog posts, you will know topics range from weird-to- wonderful and there is no exception. I LOVE writing poetry. Actually I think it may have been my first passion, lost among the years of life in a professional career. Bring forth the synergy of all! Introducing CH.THIRTY SIX. 

CH.THIRTY SIX- a collection of poetry, exploring lost, love and pain, self-discovery and self-love. This collect of poetry is the making of a journey. A journey that involved doubt of ones worth that ended at thirty six years and the beginning of walking new ground, of self-love, self-kindness, forgiveness and understanding. 

This poetry book was written from the heart, through lonely nights, quiet tears and silent moments. It was the search of ones self, to cleanse it of the unspoken words of pain and grief, to reaffirm the soul, that new beginnings exist, and they start with loving-self first.


This poetry book is the love letter I have written to LOVE.



Keep an eye out for the release date and any other exciting updates.