About Carole

My name is Caroline but friends call me Carole with an 'e', and I've been a teacher in the UK for the last 10 years. Teaching is more than a job for me, it's my career of choice. It has had its up's and downs, but a career I truly love. Having now taken the leap to teach overseas, I truly feel apart of the global classroom, the amazing experience it offers, as well as the challenges.​

I am a mum to one little adventurous boy, who is also on this journey with me. Being a parent poses amazing opportunities, while still having parenting hurdles even overseas. Being a solo mummy at times can be overwhelming, but this is our little family and we will not be discouraged by the road ahead. 

I hope this platform will be a place of honesty and vulnerability, which explores the peaks and troughs of life, as well as a place to challenge expectations. Let's encourage new norms, while also finding connection and laughter.

Hey! I Am So Glad You're Here

This space is for all to enjoy, so please engage and connect. Check out the teaching resources in my shop, my blog space, YouTube channel, as well as my poetry book soon to be released.


I hope this space will grow, as I do. 

Carole xoxo

Get in touch if you have questions about teaching resources, my blog, YouTube channel, poetry book or specific questions/requests.